Comprehensive EDI

Stay connected. Keep the information flowing.

Electronic Data Exchange software makes connected logistics easy.


Move data quickly and accurately

Send data and notifications instantly, to everyone who needs to know.


Flexible customisation

You decide when, where, and how you send and receive data. Endless customisation options to make the EDI work the way you need it to.


Lower costs

EDI management tools mean you’re no longer locked into paying expensive charges for simple changes. You can do it yourself, or ask for our help.


Integrate 3rd parties

Allow shippers, carriers and brokers to exchange information quickly. EDI reduces manual tasks, decreases costs and eliminates human error. Our experienced integrations staff are on hand to answer your questions.


Varied file formats

Connect basic spreadsheets through to complex XML. You choose the format. The software does the rest.


Extensive API

Get the fastest and most reliable transfer of data. Every time.

Why TransVirtual?

We know what goes into running a profitable transport and delivery business. It's why we created TransVirtual.

It's the modern, fully-featured transport management system that puts time and control back in your day. We streamline and automate your back-end processes whilst providing your operational staff the tools they need to get the job done efficiently and accurately. You’ll have full transparency and control over your operations. Focus on providing the right service to your customers, every time.

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What our customers are saying


A must-have tool for running a profitable transport and delivery business.

Want a fully-featured transport management system that makes your delivery business simple? We’ve built in scalable pricing and optional modules designed to minimise barriers to entry.