Fleet management software: is it right for you?

by Troy Searle, 23 July 2021

How fleet management software can improve your business.

If you’re in the transport industry then you know that fleet management is a complex
and time-consuming process. Fortunately, there’s a fleet management solution.

Fleet management software automates a lot of the tasks you’re doing manually
(saving you time and labour). It also gives you access to powerful data so you can
see exactly what’s happening within your fleet and where you can improve.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Let’s look into the nuts and bolts of fleet management
software: what is it, how does it work, who might use it and how?

What is fleet management software and how does a fleet management

system work?

With fleet management software, you can monitor vehicles, equipment, and drivers

from a single application and in real time.

Depending on the software’s features, it means that you can:

● locate specific vehicles
● monitor driver behaviour and measure performance
● manage and reduce fuel costs
● schedule vehicle/equipment maintenance
● manage jobs from assignment to completion
● simplify compliance

It works because the fleet management technology captures information about
vehicle movement, driver behaviour and operational activities. Devices transmit
data from the vehicle to the cloud and that data is then used by the fleet
management software.

Fleet management software allows instant access to information, including: vehicle
maintenance, compliance and location. Usability is key to a great software, so this
information is usually simple to access with an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Some fleet management software will also give you advanced insights into job
status and route optimisation.

Actionable insights are also fundamental to any fleet management software, helping
you identify areas for improvement and quickly take action. That means giving you
easy access to powerful data that simply isn’t possible in a paper-based system.

Why do businesses invest in fleet management software?

If you’re a fleet manager, you’ll know that your biggest challenge is controlling costs.
And that means continually using data to see where and how you can make
savings. The bigger the fleet you manage, the more challenging this can be.

Some of the main pain points here include:

● fuel usage
● wages (including overtime)
● maintenance & repairs
● vehicle & equipment rental
● insurance.

Fleet management software gives you insight that helps you really understand
these factors, and how you can save.

Driver safety and regulatory compliance are also fundamental considerations.
Reassuringly, fleet management software helps you stay up to date and compliant
with national laws. Data also allows you to understand driver behaviour so you can
create training programs and driver safety schemes.

Who uses fleet management software?

There’s no doubt about it, fleet management impacts your staff right across
the board. So, it’s important that your software benefits everyone involved. Let’s
look quickly at how different members of your team might use it.

Compliance Managers: to ensure fleets are meeting all national operating
requirements. They can also use the data to proactively address driver risk

Fleet Managers: to monitor (and sometimes correct) vehicle and equipment
location and usage, reducing unauthorised use.

Safety Managers: fleet management software helps them create training and
safety programs and rewards programs. Driver scorecards can measure fatigued,
distracted and dangerous driving.

Dispatchers: send one-off jobs or daily run sheets and monitor progress right
through to completion. Real-time communication also means everyone is up to date
with developments.

Accounting: finance teams use fleet management software for better POD,
invoicing, timesheets, tolls and other financial obligations.

Executives: can see a high-level view of the entire business. The software measures KPIs so your leadership team can see where and how improvements are
being made.

How do businesses use fleet management software?

While every business is different, there are common ways to use this software so

that you improve fleet management, driver safety and your bottom line:

  1. Preventative maintenance scheduling. To avoid unplanned downtime, the
    software uses data from the vehicle’s diagnostics port to give visibility into the
    odometer, fuel tank, engine, battery and other components.
  2. Monitoring driver behaviour. This allows you to identify unsafe driving andreward good driving. If you use this to create driver training programs, you’ll alsocreate a safer working environment.
  3. Fuel consumption analysis. Identify inefficient fuel use by route, vehicle ordriver. You can also track (and identify) unauthorised vehicle use and engineidling to reduce costs.
  4. Job Dispatch and management. Dispatch single jobs or daily run sheets andmonitor through to completion.

Over to you

Have you got a bit more clarity now about fleet management software and whether
it’s right for your business? If you have any questions our friendly team is here to
help. Get in touch online or call for a chat: 1800 975 305. And finally, please share
this with your network if you found it helpful.

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Fleet management software: is it right for you?

by Troy Searle, 23 July 2021

How fleet management software can improve your business. If you’re in the transport industry then you know that fleet management is a complexand time-consuming process. Fortunately, there’s a fleet management solution. Fleet management software automates a lot of the tasks you’re doing manually(saving you time and labour). It also gives...


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